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As a leading provider of marketing education in Hong Kong, we offer a variety of marketing and branding programmes ranging from sub-degree, undergraduate, postgraduate to master degree level, providing students with complete and multiple pathways to attaining well recognized academic qualifications.

We also partner with marketing professional bodies (including CIM UK and HKIM), industry bodies (such as Hong Kong Brand Development Council and Hong Kong Diamond Federation) in offering professional, practical executive programmes and specialized short courses to equip marketing professionals with updated knowledge and skills on latest topics (such as digital and content marketing)  to cope with changing market needs.

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開課日期 2018年2月24日 (星期六)
修業期 3個月
課程費用 HK$6750
The programme aims to meet the continuing education and professional development needs of those who are currently working in corporate branding and/or event management or those who have aspirations in these areas.
Start 05 MAR 2018 (MON)
Duration 1 year to 2 years
Fee HK$4500 - 5000
Edinburgh Napier University, UK
MSc in Marketing with Sales Management is two-year part-time programmes jointly offered by Edinburgh Napier University and HKU SPACE since Year 2015. Over the last few decades, selling has evolved from focusing on short term seller needs to longer term customer and seller needs. The importance of selling skills to corporate performance and economic growth is increasingly recognised by corporations and governments. Moreover, the sales function does play a crucial role in the marketing planning and management process. The programme aimed to equip students with the knowledge and intellectual capabilities to develop a career in this field.
Start 05 FEB 2018 (MON)
Duration 20 months to 2 years

HKU SPACE與香港品牌發展局合辦之行政人員證書《品牌傳播》課程,自2008年開辦以來,一直為學員提高品牌管理和策略的重點知識。本證書課程透過三個單元,讓學員深入瞭解建構品牌資產的過程,包括認識品牌身分和元素、設計市場推廣計劃和整合營銷策略的流程。

開課日期 2018年5月12日 (星期六)
修業期 3個月
Start 09 JUN 2018 (SAT)
Duration 2 months
Fee 報名費用
HK$200 (取錄與否,概不退還)

學費 : 每課程 HK$6,750
HKU SPACE offers Professional Certificate in Marketing (hereafter ‘The Programme”) to adult learners. The programme provides theoretical concepts of marketing and the knowledge of business economics and sales management. The programme is recognized by the Hong Kong Institute of Marketing (hereafter ‘HKIM’)

Start To be advised
Duration 8 months to 12 months
HKU SPACE offers Professional Diploma in Marketing (hereafter ‘The Programme”) to adult learners. The programme provides theoretical concepts and the latest industry insights of marketing for the students. It aims to prepare students to succeed in marketing career in the aspects of digital marketing and social media, services marketing, events management, marketing communications, and marketing management. The programme is recognized by the Hong Kong Institute of Marketing (hereafter ‘HKIM’).
Start To be advised
Duration 1 year to 2 years
開課日期 2018年3月10日 (星期六)
修業期 3個星期
課程費用 三個工作坊學費為 HK$4,800
如報讀個別工作坊,每個工作坊學費為 HK$1,800
(校友學費為HK$1,600, 校友優惠不可網上報名, 須親臨各教學中心報名)
The University of Hull, United Kingdom
This top-up degree programme equips students with the latest marketing and management knowledge such as marketing communications, digital marketing, social media, brand management, strategic management, etc. It aims to uplift students’ competiveness and employability in job market. With professional training, students will be able to develop effective marketing and management strategies to solve business problems in competitive business environment.
Start 06 JAN 2018 (SAT)
Duration 18 months to 36 months
Manchester Metropolitan University, UK
Retail industry becomes more sophisticated due to the emerging new retailing platforms, omnichannel shopping behaviour of consumers, new payment devices, etc. Therefore, retail practitioners have to equip themselves with both latest knowledge and practical skills in retail management and marketing.
The fast development and the expanded horizon in retail business drives the need among retail practitioners and those who are interested in developing their career in retail industry to go for a part-time top-up degree in retail management and marketing. Therefore, students are suggested to take the programme of BA (Hons) Retail Management and Marketing.
Start 08 JAN 2018 (MON)
Duration 2 years