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The programme aims to meet the continuing education and professional development needs of those who are currently working in public relations and/ or event management or those who have aspirations in these areas. The programme provides students with core event management concepts as well as knowledge in public relations and corporate branding. A broad and holistic view in event management will be given to students with practical public relations techniques and tools to achieve the corporate's branding goals and objectives. 
Start 14 JAN 2020 (TUE)
Duration 2 months
Fee HK$13,000
In order to improve the quality of governance in Hong Kong, it is important to first improve the quality of the politicians. This executive programme is a specialized course developed and offered jointly by the Path of Democracy and HKU School of Professional and Continuing Education (HKU SPACE), which aims to train and develop young political leaders to meet the needs and unique political situation in Hong Kong.
Start 18 JAN 2020 (SAT)
Duration 10 months
Fee HK$25,000
The programme aims to meet the continuing education and professional development needs of people who are currently working in public relations or those who have aspirations in this area. The programme provides students with knowledge in practical public relations techniques and tools to achieve the corporate's branding goals and objectives.
Start 22 FEB 2020 (SAT)
Duration 2 months
Fee HK$7,000
Applied psychology is the use of theory and findings in psychology to solve practical problems in important areas of the human environment, including education, health, the workplace, and so on. This programme is designed to help participants apply cutting-edge theory to real-world situations. It is made up of different registered psychologists and other related specialists to deliver a powerful curriculum that explores a range of human behaviors, including how to motivate individuals and organizations, how to assess and improve performance and how to pursue healthy lives.
Start To be advised
Duration 6 months
Fee HK$7560
London College of Communication, University of the Arts London
MA Media, Communications and Critical Practice is a unique programme that explores contemporary media and communications alongside the cultural and creative industries. Work-place learning forms an integral part of this programme, which makes it very suitable for media professionals or career conversion.

With its emphasis on transforming media and cultural practices, the programme offers a broad approach that spans different sectors. More specifically, it is designed for postgraduate students considering a career in the media, culture or media arts industries, or those who want to work in research and education in such areas. 
Start To be advised
Duration 16 months
Fee HK$130,500
This Postgraduate Certificate in Public Relations and Corporate Communication aims to equip students with updated knowledge and knowhow to analyse, plan, formulate and design practical and innovative solutions that help address the public relations, corporate communication and media relations challenges that organizations are facing nowadays. By influencing and building up mutual relationships with key stakeholders such as media, employees and community, the organization will effectively achieve their brand goals.

Start 18 APR 2020 (SAT)
Duration Around 9 months
Fee HK$18,800
This programme aims to help students keep abreast of the contemporary concepts and practices of public relations and corporate communication.

With the multidisciplinary curriculum, students is exposed to the up-to-date knowledge of strategic planning, skills of influencing stakeholders, knowhow of managing crisis and reputation, as well as the many various communication challenges a profit, non-for-profit and government organization is facing today.
Start 18 APR 2020 (SAT)
Duration Around 1 year and 6 months
Fee HK$37,600
The programme aims to offer an interdisciplinary exploration of the contemporary development in the social media and digital communications in the local and global contexts.
The programme examines the impacts and applications of social media in influencing corporate communication, advertising, public relations, entertainment and commerce. It focuses on developing the students’ imaginative and analytical abilities as well as the communication and practical skills across diverse platforms and environments. It challenges and encourages students to extend and explore their professional practices and become innovative and resourceful leaders in the rapidly evolving media and communication industries.

Start 18 APR 2020 (SAT)
Duration Around 12 months
Fee HK$38,800
This programme aims to equip students with the necessary knowledge and skills to become effective programme planners, and trainers in adult and vocational education institutions, teachers of post-secondary education colleges, as well as human development personnel in corporations and businesses.

This programme is suitable for Trainers in commerce, industry and public sectors; Teachers in vocational, technical, professional, community and adult education; Personnel involved in programme management, administration and human resources development. The course is open to applicants without prior teaching or training experience.
Start 12 SEP 2020 (SAT)
Duration 14 months
Fee HK$43,000
This 36-hour Certificate programme is designed for those who are interested in learning more about art collecting, especially art collecting as a cultural practice in the contemporary world.  It offers an interdisciplinary approach to inquire the cultures of art collecting, including the patterns of collecting, art valuation, relationship between connoisseurship and taste, the global ‘travelling’ of cultural objects and the politics of display of artefacts.  This programme will examine the issues from both international and local perspectives, and students will learn the cultural politics of art, the role of the trade of artefacts and cultural objects in global cultural economy.
Start To be advised
Duration 12 weeks
Fee HK$10,000